Welcome to Day 2 for Author Nancy I. Sanders. You are in for a treat.

Welcome Nancy I. Sanders. Nancy is a wonderful children's author but she also has much to offer new writers. You can read more about Nancy at Blogzone.

Day 2 of the Tour The Writer’s Life with Author Nancy I. Sanders

Q: What projects are you currently working on?

A: This past summer I signed the contract to write another book in the same series as America’s Black Founders. Its focus will be on the Civil War era. For the first time, ever, my husband and I were able to take a photo research tour and acquire images we took ourselves. For two weeks we traveled through Baltimore, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston, visiting key historic sites and taking over 1500 photographs for the new book. It was a fantastic experience! The hard part will be trying to narrow our photographs down to 50-100 photographs that will actually make it into the book itself, but I’m hoping to use many of the extra ones to build a website about the book after it’s release in 2012.

I’m also working on a couple of other book and article deadlines right now, and you’ll always find me working on some stage of a picture book. I love writing picture books and am constantly working on creating new stories to bring delight to children’s hearts.

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Q: Describe a typical writing day.

A: Since I’ve been writing now for over 20 years, my writing day has changed with the stages and ages of my children as they grew. Typically when our two sons, Dan and Ben, headed off to school, I headed off to my computer to type. When they came home, I set my writing aside. Now that we’re empty nesters and our sons have moved away, these past two years I’ve been able to write full time from August to June while Jeff is at work. Since he’s a teacher, I take the summer months off from this heavy writing schedule when he’s home from work. This is a great time of refreshment.

Right now, however, I can get up at 7:00 in the morning and write until 5:00 in the evening when I start cooking dinner. I don’t sit at the computer for eight hours straight, however. That would result in eyestrain and backaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. Instead, I break my days up into chunks so that I’m only sitting at the computer for about an hour at a time. I schedule fifteen minute to half hour breaks into my day with specific purposes. I brainstorm while I do housework so I get moving around with lots of energy after sitting for so long at my desk. I sit in a comfy chair and read books for research for the next section I plan to write. And about once each week, I attend a different writer’s group (I belong to four writers groups) and run errands such as pick up library books I’ve ordered in for research.
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See you there. Don't forget to check the links here for all the books that Nancy I. Sanders writes. They will make great gifts for the kids, teachers, or writers on  your Christmas list.


  1. Hi Terri, Thanks for hosting me for this Virtual Book Tour! You've got such a great blog and it's a joy to be part of your cyber world. -Nancy

  2. Great having you here. Looking forward to the week.

  3. Nancy,
    Thanks for sharing how you break up your writing day. That's a great idea!


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