Book Review: King by Right of Blood and Might

Book Review: King by Right of Blood and Might

Author: Anna L. Walls

Pages: 319

Author House: 2008

ISBN: 978-1-4343-6866-9

This book is the interesting and adventurous story of a world created thousands of years after a nuclear death of the old world. It has a long list of characters from the King and Queen of Pennland to their son, Harris, the Prince and a world full of unique beings the reader will meet. Each character has something to contribute to the new world as illness, anger, and both physical and emotional conflicts arise.

The plots are complex and well written depicting the life questions of the prince who will someday become king of the land. Poor Harris has no idea what that really means and sets off to find answers on his own. The storyline follows good and evil within the characters and their actions as the prince explores the new world and forms his own life values with those he encounters. It realistically depicts the characters and their mindset, their emotional and physical failures, and the healing that takes place on both levels. I found some places within the story that seemed to parallel Biblical examples, but I believe that was a personal feeling and not the intent of the author.

I enjoyed the story, although I have to admit I did get the long list of characters confused once or twice and had to reread to get them straight in my mind. That too is a personal issue I have when I am reading and reviewing outside of the normal genres that I write or read.

Keep in mind that my lack of focus does not take away from the fact that Ms. Walls is an excellent storyteller and writes with eloquence and style.  I think young adults/ adults will find the book facinating. This story will resonate in the readers heart long enough to wet their appetite for the next book and next world in Ms Wall's rich imagination.


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