Day 6 for Michelle Hall- Children's Author

Welcome to day six of Michelle Hall’s 6-day NWFCC February Author Showcase tour.

Let me just tell you a bit more about this great book:

Sassy the dog and Frisky the cat are two very special friends. Unfortunately for this special pair they become separated. Now, just think back or imagine that for some reason, that special someone in your life went away, and you could no longer see them. How very sad that would be; you would be lonely with them.

Well that’s exactly what happened. Frisky the cat was taken to the country to live, while Sassy the dog remained in the city. Things were not so bad in the country at first for Frisky, but then Frisky did something frisky, and everything changed.

Oh boy! Things started to get really bad for Frisky. She was even given a tub bath, which of course she did not like. Now girls and boys usually like their tub baths but can you imagine that? Can you imagine giving a cat a tub bath? Frisky decided she had to run away before she got another bath.

In this book you can follow Frisky as she journeys down lonely paths, across dangerous woods, hungry and afraid. Keep her company as the night owl hoots and other animals laugh at her.

But wait! Did she die and go to pet heaven? She must have because at the end of her journey who comes running to meet her? She must be dreaming, if cats had dreams. Running towards her is her very best friend Sassy. What a great reunion for the city dog and country cat, and so they meet again.

We all have had a special friend, that best friend in our class, our next door neighbor, someone we played sports with and for one reason or another we had to separate. Just like Sassy and Frisky we miss each other and wish we could see each other again. As children read this book I want them to know that true friends will always be able to find their way back to each other again, even if only in their hearts. And so we meet again.

I hope that you will become a fan of City Dog and Country Cat “And So We Meet Again”. Look for other City Dog and Country Cat books in the future. I am open to school visits or group visits to speak about my writing, including my poetry which is an enjoyable part of my writing as well.

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