Adult Book Review: All That Matters by Loralee Lillibridge

All That Matters is fun, romantic, sad, tragic, and suspensful all wrapped up into one good read. The reader immediately learns to love the characters Buddy Lee and Faith and the situation they have found themselves in. And they are drawn into the suspense and mystery that centers around a death. (This is a good example for new writers to read to help with the concept of action and moving a story along as well as a great hook to get the reader into the story from the very first page. )

The story moves quickly and can easily be read in a weekend making it a good choice for those with little time to sit and read. There are a couple of intimate scenes between Buddy Lee and Faith that are done in good taste within the scope of true love but I would still warn the reader that it wouldn't be appropriate for teens or those uncomfortable reading scenes with sexual content.

( This is also a great part of the story for new writers who may be interested in writing romance. It is a skill that needs to be perfected to write romantic and intimate scenes with the love and romance the reader wants without being vulgar and turning the reader off. This author did a good job for adult readers but it would behoove the new writer to take care when writing for the teen or YA market in this area. Most parents would appreciate romantic scenes for teens and YA to be less graphic. )

The mystery and suspense is good, the story line keeps the reader caring about what will happen, and the ending has its own twist and turn. All in all a very good story that brings out realistic emotions and true to life relationships.

All That Matters is available at as an E-Book for Kindle. It is also available for Nook readers as well.


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