Writers on the Move....

I have just joined Writers on the Move in hopes that it will increase my network connections and improve my writing, marketing, and promotional skills. If you are a writer who feels the need to branch out, this may be a good place to start.

Visit http://www.writersonthemove.com/ and check out all of the informational articles and workshops. I'm sure you will find something useful in your writing career. There are helpful posts on marketing your book but if you don't have your book ready, there are articles on that too. It is a wealth of information from both the founder, Karen Cioffi, and from talented authors who contribute like Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Donna McDine, and Virginia Grenier.

Here is a complete list of talented members:

Karen Cioffi
Kathy Stemke
Margaret Fieland
Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Stephen Tremp
Nancy Famolari
Martha Swirzinski
Heidi Thomas
Dallas Woodburn
Maggie Ball
Virginia Grenier
Eysabeth Eldering
Marietta Taylor
Donna McDine
Kevin McNamee
Jean Quarles
Janet Oakley
Marcia Richards
Dianne Sagan
Terri Forehand-

Stop in and see what the site has to offer. It can improve your skills in writing, marketing, and promotion. Maybe you will even decide to join us. Let me know when you stop by and what you found to be the most helpful piece of information for your writing career.


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