Book Review: In All Things: Giving Thanks When Hope Seems Lost

Author: Laura Smith

Book Title: In All Things: Giving Thanks When Hope Seems Lost

 Genre: Christian faith, Inspirational, Family/Parenting/Child Birth &
 Loss, Relationships, Memoir

 Publisher: Halo Publishing, Int.

ISBN Number: 978-1612440408

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About the book:

Experience an incredible journey that will make you laugh out loud and  cry tears of joy and sorrow. Learn how one miraculous encounter with God  created an unshakeable faith that would later give Laura Smith the
strength to face the near death of her oldest daughter.

Review: This book is a must read for all mothers. It describes so many of life's parenting issues including a difficult and strong willed child, depression, and miscarriage. If  you haven’t experienced them yet, as a parent you have certainly worried that they would occur. The book is an inspiration as it expresses the feelings of loss and sorrow that come before the joy at periods of any parent’s life journey as part of an extended family. 

Author Laura Smith is honest, her words are heartwarming, and her life lessons are true to her word. This is an amazing summer read that will serve to strengthen your faith as a person and as the parent you want to be and encourage those who feel like a failure as a parent, have experienced a miscarriage or loss, and who strive to understand where God is in the mix of lifes hard parts. It is a true life story.

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