Book Review: Sir Licksalot & The Island Fools

Sir Licksalot and The Island Fools

Author: D.L. Carroll

Illustrations: Teri Cuneo

Publish America- Baltimore


ISBN: 978-146-2680924

This is an adventure book for kids 8-12 years old and such a fun book. From the magic fountain which takes Blaze, Danny, Bobby, and the rest of the gang to a volcano on a Hawaiian Island to everyday peer conflicts, this book entertains and engages the reader from the first page. The title even is mysterious as the reader discovers what Fools really stands for.

Woven throughout the story are real life struggles for Blaze. He is in a new town, new school, and making new friends and seriously missing his old friends. Combined with a bully, a nerd, and a girl named CiCi who finds the need to tag alone, these characters will win your heart as they all build trust and friendship throughout the adventures provided from the magic fountain. And the addition of Sir Licksalot is heartwarming and funny.

The author has also included within the story great tidbits on Hawaiian history and folklore and as well as native language translations. It enhances the story line while demonstrating the history of friendship and very subtle life lessons. Readers will read it again and look anxiously for the next book in the series to follow more adventures with the characters and their dog, Sir Licksalot.

 For Authors: This book is a great example of taking a common plot (ie: magic fountain, magic tree house, magic wardrobe) and putting a unique spin or twist making it a completely original work that grabs the reader. It has depth within character development, a unique setting, and threads of interesting history and life lessons woven tightly into an adventure that kids will love. Even if you don't write fantasy or magical stories, this is a good example for writers to study to help learn the techniques of writing for kids.

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