Editing? Part of the Writing Process.

Editing is most definitely a part of the writing process and the part that many writers don't enjoy.

Published author Nancy I. Sanders has written several books for the new writer and her blog post today also addresses the process of editing in a very cute and humorous way.

Visit her website at www.nancyisanders.com and click on the left hand side under blogzone. You will find a great article on editing. Check out her other resources for new writers while you are there. It is very informative and inspirational.

Now go grab your beanie and highlighters for the editing process. ( you will have to check out her blog to see why you need a beanie and highlighter. lol. ) Let me know what you find.


  1. Wonderful writeup of one of the many valuable teleclasses at the CWCC. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Terri, I'm so excited that you're grabbing your beanie and highlighters, too! Smile. -Nancy

  3. thanks for the comments, love writing and learning to love the revision process too.


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