What is next According to Lilly? and other mind wandering questions.....

How are your writing goals coming along now that we are three months into the year? I am so busy trying to write and submit that sometimes my focus gets scattered, how about for you?

I am finding that having my goals listed does help me stay focused but sometimes I wonder if I am afraid of being successful. As a beginning writer, that is the goal to be successful. But as you work on your career and start getting assignments, success can be frightening. What if I can't keep this up? What if I disappoint the reader? What if the reader discovers I am a fraud...not really a writer after all?

Could that be what holds me back from doing the things needed to move forward. What activities am I doing everyday that keep me busy but NOT really moving forward towards the freelance career that I want?

For instance, I email and blog, read other blogs, look at my goals, and spend time researching and reading magazines and books in my niche. BUT how much time do I write. I have been revising the Lilly story for weeks, and what is keeping me from finishing the story and submitting it? Is it me or is it Lilly being silly and holding out on me?

These are possible road blocks to my story?

1. I am a believer that children need to read about other children in their situation, But I am afraid that publishers may not agree.

2. I am afraid I might hurt someone with my words? I might make someone uncomfortable?

3. I might be successful and asked to write something else and not be able to produce it from my imagination?

How do we overcome those fears?

Lilly would say keep writing, silly. If you did it once, you can do it again. Take one day at time, write and write and write again. Enjoy the process and stop being a worry wart. Have fun, enjoy life, and make up words. And Lilly would also say "wear a funny hat."

Maybe I am beginning to hear the voices of my characters in my head and feel them in my heart. Maybe, just maybe, I could do it again if I am successful once. Maybe.


  1. Very good points. I'm a list maker. I write down which story to work on each day (I'm writing 3 at the moment.) Being able to mark off one, even if it's just a page or two, gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

    Lilly is right. Keep writing.


  2. Hi Terri,
    Sometimes our fears seem to overcome us but it is true that we will fail at times. It is what we do with our failures that count, or so I am learning.

    "Those who refuse to take risks out of fear of disappointment and failure rarely experience the full joy and satisfaction that God desires for them." (Dr. Charles Stanley"

    You are a risk taker and I know you will reach your full potential.


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