What is next According to Lilly?

If you have been following my new fictional character Lilly Isabella Lane, you know she has spunk, attitude, and a positive outlook on having childhood cancer.

Most of the children that I have taken care of have that same spunk. Children have an amazing knack for living in the present moment and having the hope and dreams that a kid is supposed to have, regardless of the disease.

My dream for the book that I am writing is to honour those dreams and hopes of all the children that I have cared for.

Lilly is an imaginary character with many of the characteristics these kids have displayed. But should she have blond hair or brown, green eyes or blue, brown eyes and freckles or hazel eyes with carrot red hair?

You can help me to decide? Send your ideas by making a comment or emailing the image you have of Lilly so far. It will be fun to discover what you, the reader, imagines that Lilly looks like compared to what I picture in my writer's mind. Join the fun and make your views known.

And here is another tidbit from Lilly herself:

D is for dinner during chemo, which means sprite, pudding, and Jell-O. Delightfully dull and not always delicious.

F is for fun with friends...silly, goofy, crazy fun and forgetting you are kind of sick.

Notice that I have skipped some of the alphabet, but not to worry. When the full manuscript is done all 26 letters will be represented with just exactly how Lilly wants to say it. Should be loads of surprises and lots of fun.

Won't it be even better if somewhere a publisher will think so too? Ah, the adventure of it all.

Until tomorrow....


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