Market Research....Where do I begin?

  • The path of a writer can be rewarding but it can also be confusing. Where do new writers begin when searching the writing marketplace? It can be a long and dusty path without a plan.

Sometimes it is better to search the marketplace and go over writer's guidelines first.

Try these tips for finding the perfect market match:

  1. Make a list of topic ideas that are of interest to you.
  2. Read the current magazine market guide and locate 5-10 markets that your idea may fit into.
  3. Go over the guidelines with a fine tooth comb and search their websites for keys to the style and topics they have covered recently and in the past.
  4. Sit down and choose one of your ideas that may fit and outline how you want to present the ideas.
  5. Write the article for a particular magazine. Revise and rewrite as needed to fit the guidelines.
  6. When the article is ready for the target market you have chosen, submit it to the first publisher on your target list.
  7. Start the process over with your next idea while you wait for a response.
  8. Be ready to send it again to the next market on your list if you get a rejection. In this way you are consistently working on something while you wait, you have the next place in mind, and you have done research to make certain that your idea is a good fit.

If you work in a routine way to target your ideas to specific markets it will increase your chances of success. Try it and let me know.

By the way, Lilly is working on a recipe for soup. Anyone have any good recipes for soup that are good for a queasy stomach and that kids may like. Send me your recipes for a chance to have them included in the book with your name and bio. Email me at with your soup recipes for kids.


  1. These are great tips. I wish I had a good recipe to submit.

  2. Think about it, I will need the recipes by the end of the month. THanks for visiting.


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