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Become a Fan of Children's Author Ardys Reverman -Day 6 of the virtual tour. There has been so much good information about Ardys Reverman. Be sure to check out the websites and become a fan.

Welcome to Day 6 of the virtual tour for my books heart2heart and Turning Points. I hope you will become a fan of all my books. I love to write both fiction and nonfiction for children and teens and I'm currently working on my 24th book. Here are short descriptions of heart2heart and Turning-Points, just in case you haven't been following my tour or you've never heard of the books.

About the Books

The Friendly Universe Collection consists of four books that show children (and parents) how to better understand and bring out the best in themselves and those who matter the most in their lives. The poems, illustrations and insights are powerful.

Heart2heart is one of four books from the collection. In this book, parents can find out how their child’s special gifts make a good fit with others through a new SQ Personality Quiz. Being emotionally fit can give children (and adults) the strength to express their uniqueness. The SQ Personality Quiz in heart2heart is an easy assessment tool to enlighten and entertain while exploring human needs for relationships. A must read and DO to understand your personality and/or your child's personality.

Turning Points is another of the four books from The Friendly Universe Collection. Turning Points will take your child on a journey of self discovery. The book will help your child discover a NEW whole mind that will shape his or her world, guide your child to discover his/her promise, identify triggers that cause relationships conflicts, and understand his/her specific learning style. The book will also strengthen your bond with your child and help you learn to create win-win connections unique to your family.

To learn more about me and my books, please visit my author website at If you'd like to have me visit your school or speak to your homeschooling group, or present at a writer's conference, you can see the list of various in-person presentations I offer as well as free 15-minute Introductory author visits via Skype.

Besides writing Communication Technology courses for teachers, I'm also a fulltime NSA speaker (which means I help other speakers turn their love of words into a career). You can find out more about my coaching, plus read articles about speaking, at and creativity and the business of publishing, at

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You can also learn more about me and my books at the National Writing for Children Center, where the books are being showcased all this month.


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