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Welcome to Day 6 of the virtual tour for our professional authors, publishers, agents, and contacts in the world of writing for children.

Become a Fan of Loving Healing Press 

Welcome to Day 6 of this 6-day virtual tour to promote the wonderful books I am fortunate enough to publish. I'm Victor Volkman, CEO of Loving Healing Press, the fastest-growing publishing company devoted to self-growth, recovery, psychology, and social work books. All of our books are meant to help children, although many of our books are designed for teachers, parents, and counselors to use with children rather than children simply reading the books on their own.

We hope you will become a fan of Loving Healing Press and the authors whose books we publish. Visit us online at

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Visit the National Writing for Children Center, where these 3 books from Loving Healing Press are being showcased all this month:

Reena's Bollywood Dream

AD/HD Success!

Please Explain "Anxiety" to Me!

If you have questions about any of our books, email me at


  1. Become a fan and join others interested in good books for children. I have joined. Thanks in advance for participating in the tour for Loving Healing Press.

  2. Hey, Terri,

    I'm a fan of Loving Healing Press, too. And I hope the company gets many, many more fans. They publish wonderfully helpful books for children.


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