Become a Fan of Dr. Laurie Zelinger and Her Son Jordan Zelinger- Day 6 of the tour for some fabulous authors and publishers on serious topics for parents and children.

Welcome to Day 6 of the virtual tour for the new book Please Explain "Anxiety" to Me! Simple Biology and Solutions for Children and Parents that I co-authored with my grown son Jordan.

Here's a little bit about the book: Please Explain "Anxiety" to Me! translates anxiety from the jargon of psychology into concrete experiences that children can relate to. Children and their parents will understand the biological and emotional components of anxiety responsible for the upsetting symptoms they experience. Please Explain Anxiety to Me gives accurate physiological information in child friendly language. A colorful dinosaur story explains the link between brain and body functioning, followed by practical therapeutic techniques that children can use to help themselves.

Children will:
  • learn that they can handle most issues if they are explained at their developmental level
  • understand the brain/body connection underlying anxiety 
  • identify with the examples given 
  • find comfort and reassurance in knowing that others have the same experience 
  • be provided with strategies and ideas to help them change their anxiety responses
  • be able to enjoy childhood and to give up unnecessary worrying

Jordan and I are proud that our book is unique in its physiological approach. We respect the child’s ability to learn unfamiliar scientific information and feel that when it can be understood, the child will be better able to control the chain of events causing his or her anxiety symptoms. We take the same biological concepts found in scientific literature and explain them in such simple and concrete terms that even the youngest reader can absorb them. We think our understanding and respect of children is apparent, and the suggestions throughout the book are designed to elucidate the mind/body link and alleviate distress. A summary of our strategies is presented in rhyme on the last page in order to help children remember them.

I enjoy writing books with a message so that I can share my background knowledge with others. I am also a frequent contributor to the media, and am often contacted by journalists and radio personnel for my expert opinions on child related matters. Within the past few months I have been quoted in Parents magazine, CNN radio and website, the London Times, USA Today, American Baby and by an ABC radio affiliate. For years my priority had been as a mother to my four boys but now that they are all grown, I have moved my professional interests to the front burner.

Jordan spends his time studying and writing reports. He loves watching movies in his spare time.

To learn more about me and my books, visit my website at


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