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Day 6 of the tour brings us to author Jewel Kats

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Welcome to Day 6 of my virtual tour for my new book Reena's Bollywood Dream. Just in case you haven't been following my tour, here's what the book is all about:

Reena wants to be a star...

...A Bollywood star. Unfortunately, her family won't stand for it. It doesn't help that Reena is only eight-years-old. However, a beacon of hope arrives in the form of Uncle Jessi. He's just emigrated from India to America, and is a welcome addition to her family household. Uncle Jessi and Reena share a special bond. Not only are they old pen pals, but he recognizes her desperation to become a Bollywood actress.

One day, Uncle Jessi plans a secret surprise. He invites her to take part in a pretend acting game. Reena jumps at the chance. At first, she enjoys swinging her hips to Bollywood beats. She smiles brightly at his camera. However, halfway through her performance matters take an unexpected turn. The end results surprise both Reena and Uncle Jessi.

Important lessons come through an action-driven story and beautiful illustrations:

Children will learn that sexual abuse is NEVER their fault.

Parents and children will be given a launching pad to discuss the warning signs of "grooming."

Children will come away knowing they have the power to say: "NO."

Children will discover that sexual abuse can occur in any cultural group.

Children can be assured that they will be believed when reporting inappropriate behavior.

Therapists and parents can exhibit that sexual abuse isn't an off-limits topic.

Child abuse survivors will come away knowing they are not alone.

I hope you'll become a fan of the book. People who know me say my laughter and smile are contagious. I enjoy speaking with people from all walks of life. I always have business cards in my dainty purse, and they circulate as quick as a fly. Getting publicity for this book from the Indo-Canadian community has been tough. As I explained earlier, childhood sexual abuse is rarely—if ever—talked about. I’ve sent review copies to several local Indo-Canadian newspapers, and yet one has to bite with a review. I know I’m up for a challenge, but I have yet to back down. Mainstream media and public libraries have proven to be my friend. Please add me on facebook if you want to join me in fighting childhood sexual abuse. You’ll find me under the name of: “Jewel Kats.”

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