Book Review: Milo Finds His Best Friend

Milo Finds His Best Friend

Author: Lisa Umina

Illustrations by: Chad Thompson

Publisher: Halo Publishing International

Picture  Book

ISBN: 978-1-935268-15-4

Synopsis: Milo looks high and low for a best friend. The story follows Milo in his search for friends with a surprising twist.

My view: This story is adorable, has a smooth rhythm for reading aloud to young children, and has a variety of characters introduced that give very good reasons for being unable to be a best friend. The wonderful twist to the ending is that Milo asks God for answers only to realize the God is the answer. No one ever needs to feel alone as long as they have God. Perfect for young minds.

The story is honest, kind, and respectful. It is a golden opportunity for parents to introduce God to the child and to open the conversation about what beliefs are important to the family. I loved the story and I believe kids need this kind of material at a young age to establish the practice o simply talking to God.


  1. I apologize to the readers and to Lisa that this is a day late due to computer difficulties because of stormy weather. We have had a stormy spring all over the country haven't we. Hope you enjoy the review. The book is adorable. And again so sorry it is a day late.

  2. This looks like a really cute book with a great message. You're so right Terri, that learning to talk to God as a child is important. :o)

  3. Oh, I think my son would love this! Thanks for the review:)


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