Q is for Query


Q is for Query. Why is it that  the query is such a puzzle for most beginning writers? It is an important piece of the publishing process and is a skill that can be mastered. Here are a few tips for the perfect query:

  • Keep it simple and direct- give just enough information to interest the editor but do not give your life story.
  • Clearly state the main character and conflict,  purpose of the book, or problem that the book will solve depending on if it is nonfiction or fiction.
  • Don't give the entire synopsis or list every twist and turn of the story. Leave the editor with a sense of wanting to read more
  • Pose an interesting question or two with the promise of answers in the manuscript.
  • Be professional at all times, respectful, and polite.
  • Spelling and typing should be polished. No room for error in the query.
The query is your first impression with this editor. Make it  impressive. It doesn't promise a publishing contract however a poorly written query most certainly does promise a rejection.


  1. Writing query letters is extremely important for anyone wanting to get published. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for listing some books that could help with the process.

  2. Writing a great query is a talent all its own. Something I'm still working on :)


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