book Review: a dog named Slugger

a dog named Slugger

Author: Leigh Brill

ISBN: 978-0-9843256-5-8

Bell Bridge Books


All ages

Synopsis: This is a heartwarming and true story of a partnership between a woman with cerebral palsy and her service dog, Slugger. It is fascinating to read of the relationship between men and dogs, but this story is more than an interesting read. It is both educational and entertaining. From picking up a dropped coin to helping the author to balance, Slugger was more than a helpmate, he was a friend.

My View: I enjoyed the story for both the clinical aspect of learning about what service dogs can provide, but from a personal standpoint because I too love my dogs. You feel from the beginning that you are a friend to the author and her dog. You are let in on the intimate relationship she has developed with this animal and the reader becomes dependent on the dog too in every situation. Slugger is a support through personal trials, career changes, and activities of daily living. It is a rich and emotional story that both enlightens and entertains.

Dogs are complex and wonderful creatures and they respond to love and attention. Service dogs are even more sensitive to the physical and emotional needs of their owner. It is a heartwarming story of love and friendship and it is inspirational to see a service dog in action improving the life of one with physical challenges.


  1. This book sounds like a breath of fresh air and a story that will touch many hearts. Thank you for sharing it, Terri.


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