Evaluating My Goals for 2011

I have read several posts about looking at your goals for 2011 and identifying what works and what doesn't so here goes in black and white.

1. Goal one was to have a polished PB/book  manuscript ready for submitting. I submitted The ABC's of Cancer According to Lilly Isabella Lane to two publishers. It has been tentatively accepted by one publisher, an illustrator by the name of Dawn Phillips has been contacted by the publisher to do the book, coloring book, and book trailer, and we are both waiting patiently for the formal contracts. I understand that can take some time. So goal number one has partially been met, but that only eggs me on to do MORE. I also have my book The Cancer Prayer Book published and it is showing slow but promising sales. It is published by Dream Words publishing at http://www.dreamwordspublishing.com/   Check out the site, it is full of great information on prayer, prayer requests, the authors that have been hired to write the list of books planned, and more. This also eggs me on to do MORE.

2. Goal two was to have an article polished and ready to submit to a children's magazine by the first half of 2011 and then another one by September and December. The first short story with a side bar about moose facts has been submitted.  Actually it was the second one submitted because the first one on another topic was rejected with a hand note about another need. This is still in snail mail alley and I have not had a yea or nah  yet but that only eggs me on to do MORE.

3. Goal three was to monetize my blogs and increase my monthly income from my writing. While I have still ongoing nursing/education projects that I have been asked to write and several non-paying positions like the blog editor of Stories for Children's Publishing I am still only making 200-300 per month. My goal is to make that much per day. I admit I am not good at this affiliate marketing thing yet. I Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in, and comment on blogs and I have a couple of links for affiliates on the blog, but the traffic still is not what I need it to be. This will be evaluated and revamped for the second half of 2011. I definitely think I can accomplish MORE here too.

What worked for you and what didn't for the first half of 2011? Leave a comment and I will share your ideas here so we can all improve. Tomorrow I will list my plans for the second half of the year. My mind is a twitter with all the ideas I have but I need to get them focused into 3 major goals. Talk to you tomorrow.


  1. Congrats on meeting those first two goals, Terri! I'm sure Dawn will do a great job illustrating your ABC book. Can't wait to hear more about it when you're able to tell. :o)


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