Book Review: Troo's Big Climb by Cheryl Crouch

Troo's Big Climb

Author Cheryl Crouch

Pictures: Kevin Zimmer

ISBN 978-0-310718086


Pages: 32

Juvenile Fiction, Religious, Easy Readers

Troo's Big Climb is a lesson in obedience but children may not realize they are being taught a lesson because they will be engaged in reading such a fun and action filled story.

Troo feels like he is big enough to do big things including climbing a tree even when his parents told him not to. What happens when Troo doesn't listen and climbs to the tip top of an old dry tree?

Biblical lessons woven into the Rainforest Friends series help children to understand the simple principles of the Bible while engaging in an action packed story. Parents will appreciate the layers of the message and the way the books encourage children to read independently.

This book is a good example of complex writing for children that aspiring authors will want to  read and learn from too. The author tells a great story, weaves into it a life lesson for children, educates and encourages early reading, and shows new writers how to write tight. All of this in 32 pages. It doesn't get better than that.


  1. This is a charming story with such good lessons woven into it.


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