Is Writing Your Job or Your Calling?

The question I have been asking myself, and many of you beginning writers may be asking the same thing is this. Is writing my job and it my calling, or is it a hobby that I pursue some of the time?

Many of the posts I have been reading from other writers touch on the subject of job, money, and how to make your writing pay. I also have seen posts where the authors state that it is impossible NOT to write regardless of the pay. Does that make your writing a hobby then if payment is not included?

Hobby vs. Job becomes a gray line for me. I feel the need to write. I think I am called to do it. I want to make a living at it. But, and there is always a but. Am I good at it? Do I want it bad enough to work day and night to accomplish the skills it takes to be successful? Do I fear failure or do I wonder how I will handle success? Will I ever make enough money to live?

Every writer faces these questions of self doubt and asks themselves what their true calling really is. I am still trying to figure this out and I have come to the conclusion that it is an ongoing process. I am a better writer now then I was 5 years ago, 3 years ago, even last year. I have a published prayer book out and a children's book accepted. I am submitting according to my goals for 2011 and receiving rejections to prove it. I have several freelance gigs but the income is erratic to say the least.

I am not making 3 figures each and every day. I am not able to sustain myself on the money I make writing. Does this make my writing a hobby? I don't think so. I am working daily on my writing goals and I those goals are to be a full time writer by 2013. Is that a reasonable goal? I am working on it as if it is the truth.

So with half of 2011 behind me, this is what I propose. I am re-evaluating my goals for the remainder of 2011. I am going to step up the submissions, step out of my comfort zone and query more, and keep working towards my goals of being full time.

What are your plans for the next 6 months? Can I encourage you as a beginner in any way? Many seasoned and successful authors have encouraged me and I would like to pass it on. Any takers?

Happy writing. Don't let the summer breeze blow you off  your writing path. I believe you and I are answering our call.


  1. Great post, Terri! I'd say writing is my job and calling. I edit for money, since my fiction doesn't pay yet, and I write for love (hoping it will pay someday).

    My six-month plan includes polishing my manuscript and sending it to some agents who have asked for it. And getting started on book three.



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