Alaska is BEAUTIFUL....

Inside Passage in Alaska.. view from our veranda on our cruise ship.
Alaska left me speechless. As a writer I had difficulty finding the words to describe the beauty of the untouched lands. I have dozens of story ideas but will need to find the dictionary to find better words than beauty, untouched, nature, surreal, etc. It was just breath-taking. We saw a couple of bear, pods of whale, sea lions, seals, and more bald eagles than you can shake a stick at. Glaciers, mountains, 1200 year old spruce trees, hemlocks, pines, and too many types to count, rain forests, suspension bridges, and experienced the 1860's gold rush first hand.

In this wonderful world we live, I just can't imagine running out of ideas to write about. What I can imagine is becoming so overwhelmed with ideas, daily life, family life, bills, budgets, and bad days to put writing on a back burner SO my writing goal beginning in September is to reset my goals, re-commit to my writing dream, and to write like the wind.

Yikes, it is September...... Alaska stay in my heart as I write with a fresh outlook on my dream.


  1. Just dropping in to return the 'visit' (I really should check my guestbook more often!) What a gorgeous picture. I love the combination of lakes and wooded hillsides, reminds me very much of my native Wales!


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