Book Review: The Secret of the Sacred Scarab

The Secret of the Sacred Scarab- The Chronicles of the Stone: Book One

Author: Fiona Ingram

iUniverse Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-595-45716-8

Grades 4-6

Chapter Book

The Secret of the Sacred Scarab is the first book in an adventure series. Cousins Justin and Adam travel with their aunt and grandmother to Egypt. They are both interested in finding adventure and in experiencing new things but they had no idea this trip would be a series of mysterious events.

The boys and their aunt were familiar with an archaeologist by the name of James Kinnaind and his work in Egypt. It becomes more fascinating to the boys when they discover that Mr. Kinnaind is missing. It becomes even more intriguing when the boys are given a scarab from a peddler and then get followed, vandalized, and targeted by unknown assailants.

The boys have more adventure and mystery than they could possibly imagine but they stick together and use courage and wit to solve the mystery of the missing scarab. They also aid in finding the missing archaeologist. Their vacation to Egypt turns into a dream of a lifetime and a personal growth opportunity for both Justin and Adam.

This book has just enough details about Egypt to be helpful to 4-6th grade students learning about ancient Egypt and enough adventure to keep the students reading for fun and entertainment. This is a great story and I believe kids will be anxious to read the series. I wouldn't be surprised to see this turn into a movie someday. It has all the excitement and mystery that kids will love. The author has done a great job keeping the reader hooked until the very end and those who want to write for this age group will do well to read and study Ms. Ingram.

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