book Review: Alaska's 12 Days of Summer

Alaska's 12 Days of Summer

Author: Pat Chamberlin-Calamar

Illustrator: Shannon Cartwright

Publisher: Sasquatch Books-2003

ISBN: 1-57061-341-9

When I travel, I try to bring back a children's book from wherever I visit. In Alaska I picked up a delightful children's picture book telling the story of the animals of the area.

Alaska's 12 Days of Summer by Pat Chamberlin-Calamar is a unique example of a wonderful story, a lesson in counting, and true facts about some of the animals that any teacher would appreciate all tightly woven into a good book.

The story counts one day of summer all the way to 12 days of summer adding one bear, two moose, three bald eagles... well you get the idea. There are caribou, cranes, wolves, grizzlies, frogs, and swans to name a few more of the delightful and interesting animals children will find in Alaska. And the best part is not only does the reader find a great counting tale, each page gives some wonderful and little known facts about the animals being counted. It even includes the lyrics and music on the back page for those who may read music or play the piano.

What a great addition to a classroom? This book is a keeper. And who doesn't like bears?


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