Book Review: Missing in Mexico by Author Stuart Gustafson

Missing in Mexico

Author: Travel expert Stuart Gustafson

ISBN: 978-0-9771727-2-6

245 pages

January 2011

This is a fictional story about 19 year old Sarah who neglects to board her plane after a family vacation in Mexico. The story leads the reader through the process of the private investigator hired to find the young woman.

The author does a great job of weaving both mystery and suspense with the culture of Mexico with language and details in every chapter. Details include characteristics of Sarah throughout different stages of her youth that foreshadow some of the conclusions the author plants for the reader. The result is a reader that is hooked and wants to keep reading to the end.

Writers interested in both travel and suspense will do well to read this author's work. Mr. Gustafson shows great talent in bringing the reader into the story with details, dialog, and setting. He includes interesting facts about places and highlights of the area which brings life to the story and makes the reader feel like they are there on the page.

The most important thing the author does to keep the reader interested is to have created characters that one likes and wishes the best for. The reader turns page after page to make certain that this seemingly sweet young girl has not met with foul play, a fact that is not revealed until the very end.

If mystery and suspense is your favorite, then this should be included on your reading list this fall. Check out more about this author at


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