F is for FUN and FLYING

 F is for fun, and I am a believer in putting fun into both life and writing. Even in the most serious stories for children as in the book I have coming out The ABC's of Cancer According to Lilly Isabella Lane, there needs to be fun. Lilly has cancer but also wears funny hats, has a funny cat, and carries with her a funny kangaroo.

Fun can come in many forms and is individual to each of us but I have some rules for fun.
  • Fun can never be at someone else's expense. Fun would never include harmful teasing, bullying, or being mean to another just for a laugh. That falls under cruel and not cool. However, in a story, it may be written in as part of the story theme and hopefully with a character who learns and changes in the process.

  • Fun can have an element of danger such as flying but prudent safety precautions should always be taken. In a story the author has the ability to take away the safety precautions and weave a thrilling

  • Fun can be magical in a story or have an element of magic in real life as long as it doesn't harm another and is not enhanced by chemicals or medications. It is not fun to be altered by a substance and it is not fun to watch someone else in the same state. ( Just my opinion)

  • Fun can include doing an act of kindness for another. My son volunteers on medical missions within the United States and flies with a team who takes a patient from one hospital to another closer to their home or to a facility that can take care of their rehabilitation needs. He doesn't get paid, he does it as an act of kindness and it is fun to help others.


  1. Excellent F topic. You'rs so right. It's not really fun if you're having it at someone's expense.

  2. Stopping by from A to Z. What a great way to talk about a serious subject with kids! I am a big fan of fun, too, and I love the rules you've come up with~

  3. Hello, Fellow Challenger. I'm #408 from Rockin' Chair Reflections. Come visit when you can. I like your rules for Fun and hope you have lots of readers who incorporate them in their lives. World Peace, step by step.


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