O is for Operation and P is for Purpose

A writer uses words to describe many items or actions and a word can have many meanings. Operation can mean several things including a surgical procedure, a military movement, the way a machine functions, or the way a group of people work together for the benefit of others.

This video clip offers a one minute view of the Grace on Wings operation. This is a group of medical trained volunteers and pilots whose mission is to bring a sick or injured client to a facility either closer to home or to one that can provide the needed extra medical care. It is the mission and it takes dedicated volunteers to keep the operation working smoothly.


Writers  have a mission. They use the skills they've developed to keep the operation working smoothly. They search and discover just the right words to complete their operation. They study and hone the needed skills to provide the words the audience needs to read.

In essence, every person including a writer must find their purpose. What is your purpose as a writer? Let me know why you write... and it isn't just because you have too. You have other important reasons...or purpose to your operation as a writer. Find the word or words that describes your purpose and why you write.

For me: I write on topics that are difficult so the reader can dig deep and discover that others understand the universal feelings associated with each topic. I write to touch hearts. I write so the reader doesn't feel isolated with their challenges in life. I write because I care.


  1. Hi Terri,

    Inspiring post and very true to the heart.

    All the best,

  2. Great blog you have here! Stopping by from A to Z to say hi!


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