Q-R-S...Letters of the Alphabet that Represent Writing Tips

April is the month for blogging about toics using every letter of the alphabet. I am attempting to gear my posts to the new and seasoned writer as many of the writers on this tour are doing. Writing is important to me and I strive to develop a full time career doing freelance writing.

That being said, I ask myself many Questions ( q word) .  Am I good enough? Do I have anything to say? Will anyone want to read the words I write? How do I come up with a twist or fresh angle to timeless topics? Can I succeed? Can I earn a full time income? and the questions go on.

How many of you have the same questions? Unless you are a household name and have several books under your belt, you probably ask yourself the same questions and have the same doubts.

My advice is to Read, ( r word) and read more. I read many writing books but I also do pleasure reading in the genre that I long to write for. I have to push myself to read books in a genre that I don't like but I realize that is also the


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