Day 2 for PiBoIdMo and NaNoWriMo 2011

My interest is in writing for children so finding 30 ideas for picture books is intriguing for me. But the idea must then be developed.

Here is what a picture book needs:
  • Interesting character
  • Interesting problem
  • Several action steps to solving the problem
  • Several roadblocks for the character before the problem is solved
  • Believable and satisfying conclusion
Not unlike a novel or other type of short story, the picture book must have similar parts and a beginning, middle, and ending. The difference in a PB  and other works may be in believable action steps that a child  takes to reach the solution, the lower word count (under 1400 words) and the importance of specific word choices, choices all understood by the child.

Picture books can be the most difficult to write. Yet, picture books may be one of the most satisfying projects an author can complete. How does an author know if their book was successful? The smiles on a child's face, the desire to have it read over and over again, and the approval of the adult reading it over and over again. And of course sales. Is the picture book jumping off the shelf at book stores and libraries?

So off to day three for more great ideas for picture books. You know you wanna!


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