Monday and It is Day 7 for PiBoIdMo..

Fall is Picture Book Idea Month and could the fall colors be inspiration? How about crunchy apples, crisp temperatures, and spooky Halloween? If that doesn't work, think about snow, shovels, sledding, hot chocolate, and ....oh I don't know..let's throw in a few red drops in the snow. Could it be an injured bear? How about a kitten, puppy, or deer....  running, hiding, ............and that's how the first idea starts.

This month is the time to put all ideas on the table or the notebook or the computer. No idea is too silly or serious, after all kids love silly and from experience most kids deal with something serious in their childhoods.

Let your imagination run with whatever comes to mind during your brainstorming idea time. Share what you will, but we won't be offended if you want to save it until it is perfected. Now, back to the drawing board for me.. I have ideas to come up with.

Writing Prompt: Where are they going and just what is their mission?


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