Good Ideas, Bad Ideas... Picture Book Ideas .....

This is day 3 of the Picture Book Idea contest. It really isn't so much a contest as it is an inspiration and motivation to end the year with more story ideas and prompts.

Kids books are just my favorite thing to think about, read, and try to write. I love to see kids enjoy a good book. Watching them cling to a favorite and to read it over and over makes my heart smile. The best is when my grand kids sneak under their covers with a flash light to read just one more page when it is past their bedtime. Who can get mad a child who loves to read?

How are your ideas coming? Whether or not you are participating in the November writing prompts and contests, if you are a writer, you need to finish 2011 with a bang. Grab your notebook and get a good list of ideas, titles, and characters that you want to get to know well into next year. Keep your writing momentum going right up to the end of the year. The effort will make for a smashing good start to the new year. Happy writing. I am off to make a character list and get an idea for a picture book on day three of my journey.


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