December Challenge .....

I creating my own challenge for December and you are welcome to come along.

I challenge myself and anyone who joins me to do one thing for someone else everyday in December and to do one thing for myself to move my writing along for a bang up start to 2012.

I am hoping as I open myself up to giving or doing for others every single day, it will spark my own creativity and help me to get my writing organized for the new year. Here is a list of what I want to accomplish in December.

1. I want to get my blog posts organized so that I know well ahead of time what I will be posting. For example, Mondays might be book reviews, Wednesdays writing articles, etc. Each blog may need a different theme list or I may decide that I don't need as many blogs as I have. In organizing the blogs, I hope to also seek out the target audience that I am trying to reach and do something for them.

2. I want to narrow my passion list down to a doable list for 2012. I am so passionate about so many things that I find I loose focus. Then I want to be more active towards others using my passion. One of my passions is for kids with cancer, a place in dire need of volunteer effort, monetary effort, and maybe a place to start doing for others in a more passionate way.

3. I want to link my passions with my writing and with the goal of producing products that my target audience will want and need. In doing this, again I will be working towards doing for others. I have three specific book series I am working on the will fit this bill, but the ideas need to go from my head to paper and on to a finished draft for critique.

So to clarify my December challenge for myself....

Write daily
Do something for someone else daily
Focus my passions towards writing, producing something the will benefit others, and working on it everyday.

Pass it on, manage it up, give it away...... this is going to be the best December yet.


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