Hook Your Reader

I have found the perfect advice from another writer. Hook your reader. Now I know we have all been told that a thousand times, but this time it really hit me. Hook before you query. I don't have to have the complete story. I don't have to have every character down to perfection. I don't have to have the jazziest title yet.

I have to have the hook. Knowing what the hook is that will make my story stand out from a hundred other stories is a new concept for me. Somehow I thought the hook would develop as the characters, plot, and  storyline came together. Make the hook the first item to complete before everything else in the story no matter who the character is, no matter the setting, ask yourself what will be the hook that makes the reader want to know the rest.

Deciding on the hook of your story before writing the query will show the editor that you have something new and different. Trust that your story will follow. Try it and let me know what you think about the process. Now I am off to find my hook for my next story idea.


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