Meet Author & Illustrator Monique & Alexa Peters

Welcome to day 1 of the book tour for  the Author/Illustrator Team for the books about Cooper.

Meet the Author/Illustrator Mother/Daughter Team, Monique and Alexa Peters

Cooper and Me is a series of children’s picture books that was inspired by my eleven-year-old daughter’s passion for art and her love for animals. Since Alexa could hold a pencil in her hand she would draw. Her love for art started when she was very young and grew stronger as her talent developed. Alexa has always loved to share stories about the things she is passionate about. Her wonderful imagination and her love to share stories about animals developed into a love for writing. The main character, Cooper, is our family dog, a black Labrador retriever. When Alexa first decided to write and illustrate a book, she came up with a theme of a little girl’s first day of school and how her mother helps her to overcome her jitters. Through the love of a mother and the family dog, “Cooper and Me” makes a little girl’s fear of the first day of school okay. I helped Alexa with the story and am happy to say that I became Alexa’s co-author.

There are currently four books in the series that include the original Cooper and Me, Cooper and Me and the First Halloween, Cooper and Me and the Military, and Cooper and Me and the Winter Adventure. Each book also includes a CD with a narration of the book and original musical scores.

The theme for each book was inspired by something personal to Alexa. In Cooper and Me and the First Halloween, the story tells the tale about Cooper and his best friend Trooper, a German Shepard, who are excited to experience their first trick-or-treat. The mischievous duo is up to some Halloween antics. But our smaller dog, a Morkie named Bella, summons up some magical powers and does not let them get away with their tricks so easily. Bella decides to teach the two bigger dogs a lesson and turns them into unicorns! Will Bella use her magic wand to turn them back? You’ll have to read the story to see.
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  1. How nice to see a mother and daughter team up for these books. They sound like fun. Thanks for sharing about Monique and Alexa and their books, Terri!

  2. Beautiful and talented mother-daughter team! I also enjoyed listening to their interview on Book Bites for Kids yesterday. :-)


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