Meet Author Mieke Bloomestein

Welcome to day 1 of the tour for Mieke.

Meet Author Mieke Blommestein- her story about how she began writing stories is facinating.

If some one would have asked me a year ago if I was going to be an Author or writer one day, I would have said: I don't think so.

It all began a couple of years ago. As a long-term care Aid my life was pretty busy, and my mind was full of chatter at the end of the day. I started to practice meditation, to still the mind. Every morning and evening I would close my eyes and meditate for 20 or 30 minutes. After a couple of years it became part of my routine just like eating and sleeping. Then one morning during a meditation I saw a vision of a monk. He called him self-Emanuel and said he was a storyteller. In my vision he invited me to sit with him in a beautiful garden, and asked me to pick up a pen and piece of paper. And as I listened to the words coming in my mind I wrote the stories down. I never knew when this vision of the monk would come to me, but when it did, I knew to pick up my pen and I would listen to the story. Over the past few years I have accumulated many stories, tucked away in a binder, collecting dust. Then one morning in 2008 the vision of the Monk Emanuel appeared again, this time I only heard: What are you going to do with these stories. Are you going to leave them on the shelf, accumulating dust? I knew then that I had to send these stories out in the world.

With the support of my Husband, family and Friends I started to do some research. First I bought the book" Self Publishing in Canada from Suzanne Anderson", and read it from beginning to end. I followed all the necessary steps, and before I knew it my, first self-published book arrived at my doorstep. It was like giving birth all over again, just in a different way. The story: The tale of Miss Spider who spun her web was the first story that I received during my morning meditation. I listened to the words that I received during this meditation. It is a story about a Spider that has two voices in her head. One voice is kind and loving, the other is loud and angry. It is for all of us to recognize the kind and loving voice inside our head, instead of listening to our loud and angry voice. This story is a wonderful teaching tool for parents, and it will inspire and help children to listen to their own soft, loving and kind inner voices.

Diane Perruzzi did the illustrations. She is an amazing artist, and I am thankful for her wonderful work that made Miss Spider come alive. Diane lives in Sacramento (California) and her website is


Follow Mieke on day 2 of her tour here:


  1. what an interesting way to get a story. I look forward to learning more about your journey.

  2. Hey, everyone,

    Yesterday I interviewed Mieke on Book Bites for Kids. You can listen to the replay of this interview at - just click on Mieke's Book Bites for Kids page there in the center of the homepage!

    What fun to follow these authors on tour!

  3. Fascinating profile of Mieke. The power of mediatation is amazing! Best wishes for your continued success!

  4. Thanks everyone.It has been a beautiful journey
    And I can't wait to bring the story of Charlie the Toad in the world as well.Next one will be Speedy the snake, and many more to come.
    Meditation has changed my life indeed.

  5. I find the role of meditation in the author's process to be extremely interesting. It makes me more inspired to start a meditation practice in my life! Thanks for this post!
    elliebeetle !at gmail !dot com

  6. Thanks beetle. Close your eyes, ask for help, feel the energy coming in, start writing. Anyone can do this, you just have to stop the mind chatter.
    Good luck. Thanks for posting a comment on this side.Any question is welcome.


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