If You Have a Book Published... Be Featured at The National Writing For Children Center

It starts tomorrow... come join the fun....

I will be featuring an author a day for the next week. It will be a Meet the Author launch to a week long tour for each of the featured children's authors. More information can be found at Author Showcase at the National Writing for Children Center... join the fun.
 Be the featured Children's author on The National Writing for Children Center and let others know about your book/s.

Every month several published authors of the best books for kids will be featured at The National Writing for Children Center website. The site will have book reviews, give aways, blog tours to promote the author and their newest books, and so much more.

If you have written a book you would like to see featured or if you write articles for kids and are an author for children check this out.

 It is a win-win for the author because there is so much exposure for a very reasonable fee. It is a win-win for parents, teachers, and everyone else because there is so much information available on the featured authors during a whole month. This gives even the busiest readers time to scout out the interviews, book reviews, and personal information about some award winning children's authors.

Let me know what you think... and better yet share with us your favorite author and the books you like the best. Every month will be different so  check back often. See you there.


  1. Hi! Found your blog through the NWCC. Were you ever a member? I was thinking about joining.


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