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Welcome to day 1 of the tour for Suzanne Marion

Meet Author Suzanne Marion-  What a great story this author came up with. Enjoy learning about Suzanne and follow her on the rest of her book/blog tour.

One day about two years ago my granddaughter Christina, who is now nine years old, called me with a dilemma of major proportions. She said, “Grandma, I don’t know which tutu to wear to my ballet class today. I have TONS of tutus in my closet.”

I said, “Christina, you mean you have too too many tutus?” At that point we dissolved in laughter, and an idea was born! I wrote a story for her about her problem, suggesting a solution, after due consideration. By a serendipitous twist of fate, the first violinist in my weekly chamber music group asked to read my latest tale. She then asked me if she could show it to her mother, and of course I said, “Of course.” Her mother turned out to be marvelous artist Marj Hales, who began to create gorgeous watercolors of little girls in ballet costumes of different shades. They were too beautiful to remain hidden, so the next step was to self-publish our book, ‘Too Too Many Tutus.’ It has been well-received, and we have enjoyed seeing little girls and their parents enjoying it.

Within a year it became apparent that the little boys of our acquaintance deserved a tale also. Not every little boy enjoys tales of tutus. My grandson Evan was at the time a fan of dragons, and his sister Margarita favored unicorns. The morality tale of Donner the Western Dragon and his best friend, Una the Unicorn, was written. Marj’s watercolors of dragons and unicorns are unparalleled, so we knew we had to publish this book also. Once again, the children enjoy it, and we are gratified.

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  1. Hey, Suzanne,

    You're off to a great start! I love how the idea of the tutus came about. That's so cute.

    I also love the dragon cover. Lovely artwork!

  2. What a wonderful story of your book. The artwork on the cover of Donner the Western Dragon is just wonderful.
    good luck
    Martha Swirzinski

  3. I'm a dancer/choreographer, so I love the idea of too too many tututs!

    The art work is beautiful on the cover of your second book. Can't wait to learn more about these books, Suzanne.

  4. Thank you, Mayra, Martha, and Kathy. I will pass along your kind words to my Houston artist colleague, Marj Hales, who is truly outstanding. I'm taking a look at your books too, and trying to figure out how to leave comments! Best wishes!
    Suzanne Marion

  5. This looks like it is a wonderful book. I love the art work on your cover(second book).
    I just wanted to wish you good luck with your books, and many more books to come.As A grandmother my self I can relate to the story of to many cloth, and what to wear. Grand children are so beautiful.
    Namaste Mieke Blommestein

  6. Is it really possible to have too many tutus! I'll have to find this book to read to my little one. Can't wait to find out the answer in the book ...
    elliebeetle !at gmail !dot com


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