Book Review : I Love You, Be Careful

I Love You, Be Careful
 Judy Snider and Joan Dickow
 Xlibris, 2010
 978-1-4535-6115-7 $7.95
 Ages 3 to 8
Rating: 5 stars  Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth from Stories for Children Magazine

Synopsis: This is a very heartwarming and enchanting book about how we must be careful in our lives. Our parents are always telling us that there is so much out there that we should be careful of. As the reader is reading the book, (s)he will be moved by the truth of what the author is saying. Children have to be careful when they are playing in the backyard, riding their bikes for the first time, holding a baby sibling and going off to school for the first time. Overall thoughts: I absolutely love this book. The illustrations are as beautiful as the message and they capture some of the poignant memories during a child's life. The book portrays the love and care of parents from babyhood through adulthood. There are different layers and complexities of love during the various stages of a child's life. But there is still a very concerned, unconditional love by a parent towards a child at all stages. What a wonderful message for readers, young and older. There is also a page at the beginning of the book to personalize it as a gift for children as well as adults. I just can't say enough nice things about this book! What a treasure it truly is!

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