K is the Letter for Today

K is for kids, grandkids, school kids, teenage kids, young adult kids, baby kids, and anyone in between. If it were not for my love of kids of all ages, writing would not be my passion. But I love to see kids of all ages get excited about reading or discussing a book. I love to watch them learn to love a character enough to imitate them with costumes, actions, or quotes.

Kids are why we write. They are what gives us the material to write about. They laugh, cry, and play rowdy. Boys, girls, it doesn't matter. Kids are so much fun to observe and their excitement for life is contagious.

If you are not blessed to have children, you can still write for children by reading about what they read and what they do.  Absorb any child that you come in contact with by making notes about hair, the way they smile, the things they like, and bits of age appropriate conversation and dialog. Teachers, librarians, coaches, all have the golden opportunities to observe and share so have conversations with others who are around children. And read. Read all kinds of books for kids of all ages. See what they read. Visit author websites for tips. Hone your writing skills with a class specific to writing for children, and then put your knowledge to work. Sit down and write. You will be surprised at how rewarding it can be to write for children. Kids love good books whether it is fiction or nonfiction. If it is written with fun and creativity, kids will read it. Publishers will love it, and you will succeed.

Kids are the best. Enjoy the process as you learn what it is that kids want to read. Have fun with it and be creative. Those are the stories that will win the hearts of kids, no matter what age they are.


  1. My children are my biggest fans (and critics). They keep me motivated!


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