A-Z Blog Challenge for April

I have seen this challenge on many writing blogs and I am not certain where it originated but I am tossing my hat in the ring to try to accomplish this challenge for all of my blogs and my website this month. What a great way to have a direction for posts, try to gather new followers, and be inspired to search for new ideas beginning with letters from the alphabet.

This blog may have lost it's focus in the past and readers may not be able to figure out what it is they can gain here. This month I will attempt to get a clearer focus for the blog so here goes.

A is for align. The meaning according to the dictionary is to bring into a straight line or to bring into agreement. How does your daily writing life align with your writing goals? A is also for accomplish and accomplishment. The dictionary defines that as to complete, or what has been completed. How do your writing goals align with your accomplishments?

Are you seeing a pattern here? This blog is for those who want to write and those who specifically want to write for children. The goal then for this blog should be to align the posts in a way that helps the reader write better to the hearts of children.

Seems simple doesn't it. The hard truth is that writing for children is one of the most difficult jobs to accomplish.  The other hard truth is that it is the most rewarding job a writer can do if their passion is to reach the hearts of children.

The focus of this blog will be to continue to feature great children's authors as examples of success. It will also be to offer tips, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration to those who write for children. I will have affiliate links to some great writing classes and clubs that I have benefited from and those that I think you may enjoy. I will offer writing prompts to spark your own writing. In general, I want to be another tangible source of information that you can take away to improve your writing life and to keep you inspired

Take a good look at how your writing life aligns with your accomplishments. Do you need to tweak things up a bit? Stay tuned for more ways to do just that.

Today's writing prompt: Use these A words to write a 200-400 short story for children.

Alpaca, ask, ate, aboard, addition, alarm, aid, airport, Arctic, avocado

These words are for grades 1-3 from the Children's Writer's Word Book by Alijandra Mogilner. This is a wonderful resource for those who want to write for children and their grade level and reading ability. Everyone who writes for children should have a copy.


  1. Terrific idea Terri. The A to Z blog format works well for you. Good luck!!

    Margot's Magic Carpet - Kid's Books With a WOW Factor

  2. Thanks Margot, gotta get more followers if I am ever to have a platform. lol.


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