The Letter E is next....What Can It Mean?

Kids love excitement

Excitement is the word for the letter E today in our challenge. Excitement will show in your writing for children if you are excited about the topic you choose. Children like all kinds of new things but the words must be interesting, fun, active, and in a sense exciting no matter what topic you are writing on.

The challenge then for the author is to choose words that put excitement into topics that may be mundane. Grab words and put them on the page that make the topic jump off the page and into the hearts and minds of children. Kids do not want to be bored and books are competing with active video games, cell phones, and other techie items that will keep them away from reading unless your words are exciting. So today use the word prompts to write a 200-400 word story that oozes of excitement. Try it and see where it takes you.

Word Prompt: Use these E words to write an exciting story.

eclipse, east, earthquake, early, elephant, egg, egret, eight, energy, entrap


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