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Welcome to day one of Dacia L. Moore’s 6-day NWFCC April Author Showcase tour. Grab yourself a cup coffee and sit for spell and enjoy the moment of getting to know Dacia L. Moore.

Hi! I’m Dacia L. Moore, and I am the founder of Second Wind Counseling & Consulting. I am also a Licensed Professional Counselor, trainer and motivational speaker. I have my Master’s Degree in Counseling and Guidance from Webster University and I am a National Board Certified Counselor. I am an adjunct professor teaching Master’s level courses at Webster University and I teach courses in general psychology at the undergraduate level at Penn Valley Community College. I believe in serving my community so I spend time as a Board Member for the Kansas City Chapter of the American Counseling Association and the Missouri Counseling Association.

I started Second Wind Counseling in 2003 in an effort to assist more women get unstuck and move forward in their lives. This is part of the reason I wrote Why Are So Many Students So Angry? Most teachers are women who feel hopeless and powerless when dealing with difficult, angry behavior.

My experience and expertise comes not only from my academic training in counseling but from my practical experience of working over 10 years in residential treatment, with my last job being the Vice President of Programs in the day treatment school. I saw first-hand how difficult student behavior equated to high teacher frustration and burnout. I believed that it is was my mission, ministry and role as a leader to help my staff find the most effective strategies to deal with students who had difficult diagnoses such as ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder. I have also worked extensively with staff, parents, and students on topics such as De-escalating Conflict, Anger Management, Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Leadership. Having worked with a concentrated number of difficult to manage students and having to help my staff manage their frustration in working with this population gives me a unique and powerful perspective on how to be successful in today’s classroom. I found strategies and skills that helped my staff and me survive and thrive and I want to share them with others!

In my book I offer practical, research based advice for meeting disruptive, angry disrespectful students head on! These proven strategies were used and successful with difficult students, both male and female, from a variety of cultural backgrounds. I supplement the research with effective, practical, easy-to-use solutions that will help you make lasting change in your classroom and with your students. When I speak at trainings the most common evaluation comments say that my training is practical, easy to understand and applicable. I know you need strategies that you can put to work immediately.

This book is my contribution to the field of education. My hope is that through its’ use more teachers will stay in the field of education and help difficult students be more successful. I have also written Successful Choices - Anger Management Curriculum. I facilitate numerous training workshops around the country using the strategies in Why Are So Many Students So Angry? and would love to facilitate one for you!

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  1. Hi Dacia:

    Your background and experience is fascinating! I will recommend your book to my niece who is a special ed teacher.

    Hi Terri:

    Thank you for hosting Dacia today and being an ongoing NWFCC host, much appreciated.


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