Day 1 : Meet Children's Author, Donna McDine

I am thrilled to be hosting day one of the NWFCC's April Showcase of Children's authors. This will be one fun and exciting week. Please join me in welcoming today's author.

Welcome to day one of Donna McDine’s 6-day NWFCC April Author Showcase tour.

Terri, thank you for hosting me on Day 1 as I kick-off my NWFCC April Author Showcase.

My road to becoming a children’s author took quite the different path, one that I wasn’t even sure at the time would lead me to writing for children, but it did. When I was a child, I enjoyed watching the television program, Lou Grant with my dad, and became mesmerized on how a reporter put a story together and I dreamed of becoming a reporter one day. For some reason or another, I did not follow this early dream and worked in administration for several Fortune 500 companies for many years. Not until I came across the Institute of Children’s Literature aptitude test in 2006 did my dream of becoming a writer reawaken.

As for how and why I came to write The Golden Pathway it came through my fascination of history even as a young child. And when I found myself taking up residence (as an adult) in the historical hamlet of Tappan, NY (Rockland County) I became even more enthralled. Coupled with my father’s involvement with the Rockland County Historical Society in creating artist replicas of the numerous historical locations throughout the county I found myself further drawn into the past. Then as a student at the Institute of Children’s Literature I jumped at the chance to develop a historical fiction story about a young southern boy against slavery. And here I am today several years later with my first published children’s book in my hands.

It’s been quite the roller coaster ride and one that I wouldn’t trade in for the world.

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  1. Good morning Terri:

    I'm thrilled to have you hosting me today. I'l be checking back in throughout the day.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Donna:
    I also attended the Institute of Children's Literature AND wrote my middle grade historical fiction novel through the classwork. I can't wait for mine to be published also! :) Congratulations on your success.


  3. Hey, Donna and Terri,

    The Institute of Children's Literature has helped so many writers! The trick is to take advantage of all they teach you. Looks like you did that, Donna! Good for you! Your career as a children's author is getting brighter and brighter!

    Happy writing!

  4. Margo:

    Congratulations to you! Keep us posted on the release of your book!


    Thanks for your never ending words of wisdom and suport! I truly appreciate you!


    It's been a pleasure. Thank you all that you do for children's authors.

    Warm regards,

  5. This was a great start to the tour this month. Be sure to follow Donna on her next stop and then check back here for day 1 for our next awesome author.

  6. Donna, I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog tour, albeit a bit late. I'm enjoying catching up with you--and learning more about you. (from your old "defeating self-defeating habits" partner.)

    More Writer's First Aid


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