G is the Next Letter in Our Challenge- Can You Guess What it Means?

G is for Good old fashioned luck. G is for graphic novels. And G is for the guidance you need to hone your skills, polish your writing,  get your self published, and yes, the good old fashioned luck may play a part in the publishing. Sometimes it is simply being in the right place at the right time.

Tips for success if you are not feeling the good old fashioned luck of the Irish:

1. Goals- Set them and work towards them
2. Guidance- Seek it and follow it, learn from it, and use it to make your writing better
3. Genuine- Be genuine to your self and to your readers
4. Gamble-  Gamble and take some risks with your characters and their actions. Write outside your comfort zone and be a little risky once in a while.
5. Grab- Grab your reader from the very first paragraph no matter if it is fiction or nonfiction. Make your reader care.

And pray for a little good old fashioned luck.

Writing prompt: write 200-400 words using these G words

grab, genius, gesture, glare, glide, glimpse, glitter, globe, gobble.


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