Letter B in Day 2 of the A to Z Challenge.


Is your writing BOLD. Are you afraid to write BOLD characteristics into your characters or storyline? How about a BOLD setting? The dictionary defines bold as daring, fearless, audacious, very free in behaviors, or impudent.

When I was young, if you were Bold it was compared to rude, being a trouble maker, or worse yet... a bad influence to be around. It ranked right up there with another B word that I will not use here.  To this day it takes work for me to make my characters BOLD. I get physically blocked when it comes to writing outside of my safe zone and into the BOLD side of the writing arena.

And here is the aspect of writing for children that is more difficult than writing for adults in my opinion. I do not want to be the author that influences a young reader to do bad things just because they read my words. It doesn't matter that the character needs to be in a dangerous situation or say a few naughty words to make the point of the story, it is still hard for me to put those things in black and white and on paper for my mother to see.

Wow, was that a confession or what? I think BOLD thoughts, and I imagine my characters in BOLD situations because I know that is real life... but I still have to make a conscious effort to write it that way. Yet in my heart I believe that I would be more successful in writing to the hearts of children if I could be BOLD when I write.

How will you add BOLD to your characters today?

Writing prompt for today:

Use these B words for the 4th -6th grade reading level to write a 200-400 word BOLD story.

brew, bravado, bonnet, bondage, bugle, bustle, brisk, brute,

I am going to go forth and write something BOLD.
Hope you are enjoying the challenge so far. Be sure to share your comments and email your stories so we can learn from each other as we hone our skills as writers for children.


  1. Great post Terri. Thinking bold can certainly help us write bold!

  2. Cool idea Terri. Love your list of B words. As I like to say - they sure will add a WOW factor.

    Margot's Magic Carpet - Kid's Books With a WOW Factor!


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