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Illustration done by Award Winning Illustrator Dawn Phillips

I is for illustrations and illustrator. Illustrations enhance a story especially a picture book. Often the illustrations determine if the story will be a hit with the reader or not. If a reader doesn't like the way the illustrations depict the character or if the art work is not appealing, often the story will go unread. One illustration on a cover can make or break a book, and although sometimes that is not fair, often it is true.

What does that mean for the writer? When choosing characters and scenes for a picture book or a children's book that will require some illustrations, the author must picture what the words might look like with illustrations. The words and storyline need to stand alone but be enhanced with illustrations. The illustrations t must show action or give information that is not told in the story. The narrative and the illustrations work together to make the story come alive for the reader.

One of my favorite illustrators is Dawn Phillips. Her illustrations show vibrant color, demonstrate action, and are likeable. They hook the reader into staying on the page, turning the page, and joining the story. That is what good illustrations do for a story. A good illustrator understands what the writer is trying to tell and will work at making the words mean something on an emotional level with their art on the page.
Dawn Phillips is one of those illustrators that "gets it" and can enhance the words of the author. Her work can be seen at http://www.rdchildrensbooks.com/ . Check it out and you will see what I mean. You may even want to consider her to help bring life into your next book.

 Visit her blog at http://rdchildrensbooks.blogspot.com/ . She is currently doing a 365 day illustration tour where you can learn even more about the illustration process. I know I learned quite a bit the will help me as a writer and it is such fun looking at how she develops those pictures. Leave her a comment while you are there too, because illustrators are really unsung heros in the book world.

See you tomorrow for the letter J.


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